The Advantages of Visiting a Podiatrist

Podiatry is a specialized field of medicine dedicated to the study, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of physical conditions of the foot, lower leg, and ankle. The most common areas of specialization within the field are foot problems, foot deformities, foot injuries, foot infections, and foot diseases. The first area of specialization for a podiatrist is […]

What Does a Podiatrist Do?

A podiatrist or podiatric medicine is a specialization of medicine focused on the field, diagnosis, prevention, and medical treatments of diseases of the feet, ankles, lower extremities, and hip. The doctor treats and diagnoses patients suffering from different foot ailments, which may include plantar fasciitis, corns, calluses, skin tags, gout, heel spurs, jock itch, or […]

Podiatrist: An Important Part-Time Job

Podiatrist or foot and ankle surgery refers to a specialized branch of medical science devoted to the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of conditions of the foot, lower leg, and ankle. Podiatrists examine the foot or ankle, diagnose and treat disorders, prescribe appropriate treatment, and recommend maintenance and rehabilitation therapy. The American Academy of Podiatric Medicine, […]